GELS was started in 1998 as subsidiary of Flicker to Flare Consultants Pvt. Ltd, a decade old consulting firm. Flicker to Flare Consultants are in the business of Human resources development and training from 1990. Their esteemed list of clients include organizations such as Citibank, Ford India, HM, EDS, HCL Tech, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, IPCL, CII, MMA, Apollo Hospitals, SSI, UCAL, Verizon, EID Parry, Britannia industries and many more. They have been in the forefront of developing human potential through programs on IPR, Communications, Leadership, Team building, ISO certification process, Creativity, Conflict resolutions, etc. This company has a dedicated team of freelance consultants who offer the above range of programs to several organizations.

GELS was originally started as Genius Education Systems, a proprietary concern offering educative and fun programs for children aged between 4 to 15 years of age. Genius Ed had prepared students to take the University of Cambridge programs in India. Genius Education & Learning Systems (GELS) was formed out of this proprietary firm on 22 Feb 2002, at Chennai. Today it is popular its for attitude and skills development programs. GELS is today, a team of well-educated professionals, who believe in holding high the values of the organization and the country.

The abacus program was originally sourced from Malaysia in 1996, when Mrs. Vasanthi Ranganathan visited Malaysia on Flicker to Flare business. She launched this program in India in September 1999 under UCMAS banner with two Malaysian partners. Later she launched GELS in 2002 and tied up with SIP, Malaysia for abacus.

After experiencing the partnering with the Malaysian companies which treat this beautiful education as means of making fast money, she decided that quality delivery and social perspectives on education were important and went to China, the birthplace of this education to have technical partnership only. Today GELS has developed their own abacus program, the first indigenous program suited to Indian children, taking into account our cultural nuances and the application of abacus learning. GELS programs are more value based, affordable and of great quality with a focus on continuous improvement.

Shangai Mind Abacus Consultants Company, China was engaged as consultant for GELS abacus programs. Mind Abacus is the first to introduce abacus mental arithmetic to pre-school children in Shanghai. Visiting the Father of abacus in China, Vasanthi Ranganathan was all praise for the exquisite variations of the abacus in all itís various forms and the excellence in abacus learning focusing on auditory and visual skills as early as age four. Mr. Tian Rui of Mind abacus, China visited Chennai to train GELS on the application of abacus learning and abacus learning for the pre school children.

Since then GELS has developed 5 different programs for various target groups, and is currently one of the largest abacus solution provider in India. It is expanding to newer markets outside of India as well. Expanding their interests to various other programs, GELS today offers a wide range of programs in Numercy, Communication, English, Career orientation, and Life skills areas.