GELS Abacus by Mail

  • The first and only Abacus program structured for mail order learning globally

  • Developed by our professional syllabi administrators for Global students in English and Tamil languages.

  • Following the basis of programmed learning, GAM is user friendly

  • The program is based on Chinese techniques and modern e learning concepts.

  • It teaches use of abacus tool to calculate all the arithmetic functions

  • It develops speed and accuracy to make our children globally competitive.

  • It is one of the best tools for developing learning skills such as concentration, listening, visualization, memory, imagination, and whole brain activation.

  • In addition it teaches values, in form of stories.

  • The program is split as 3 levels which are designed for self learning

  • Pricing varies from market to market as cost of packing and logistics vary.

GELS Abacus by Mail program (GAM) develops

  • Mental arithmetic skills
  • Listening and concentration skills
  • Visualisation and memory skills
  • Whole brain activation for better academic performance
  • GAM is only one Email and one letter away.