GELS Abacus Program School Based

  • First exclusive abacus program to be taught along with syllabus in schools. This program was designed by experts in Abacus over extensive research and trial runs.

  • School Based Abacus program is offered from Classes 2 to 8 at the school premises and during school hours

  • The course instructors for most part are GELS employees, however in few schools, the school teachers / parents teach as well.

  • The program offers 3 levels of training in 9 terms. Each term is for 3 months, and involves close to 20 hours per term.

  • The program will teach all the basic skills of arithmetic using abacus. This program will ensure improved speed and accuracy in all their learning abilities.

  • This program will also improve their learning skills in concentration, visualization, creativity, memory ability, and whole brain development.

  • The program is affordable to ensure all children, at all economic levels get the benefits of this program.

  • SGAP has been well appreciated for its excellence in developing the memory and imagination of the learner.

  • As program varies on schools involvement, teaching support, logistics, etc, the price differs from market to market.