GELS Production & Logistics

  • It is a subsidiary of GELS which manages all the kit production, stocking, packing and logistics for all the programs offered by GELS. Today it holds more than 400 odd books types and more than 10000 copies in its inventory area. Apart from this it has various paraphernalia of kids items such as abacus, bags, caps, T shirts, badges, ID cards, holders, trophies, etc.

  • Any licensed or non licensed entity can source their kids from Gels. For Licensed entities the sourcing is done at a much lower costs, in comparison to a non licensed entity. Further the indenting quantity is also a measured amount for non licensed entity.

  • New kit Indenting Process:

  • Process time -24 hours for Chennai, 48 hours for all TN LCLs, Bangalore and Kochi 96 hours for Mumbai & Gujarat. Urgency will be considered, where possible.

  • All indents should have
    Valid indent kits descriptions
    Valid price quotes as per the pricing in the pocket diary,
    Proper signature of channel member,
    Proper payments (Cash, Crossed cheque, post dated cheque up to 10 days time)
    We will process the indents, only on receipt of all the 4 above
    In Case of urgency, packing will commence based on telephonic or mail requests, but the dispatch will be made only after indent with payment is received.

  • School based programs
    The payment excepted is received as current cheque and PDC with agreed on dates for payments
    If the school is planning to pay the amount favouring GELS (For non Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore areas), on delivery then the local learning center licensee has to send a undertaking to collected must reach GELS within 3 days of delivery of kits
    Only in such one off cases, the kits will be sent first and local person can collect and send the payment

  • In case of cheque bounce, we will be charging Rs.200 as service fees (Rs.100 bank charges, Rs.100 for follow up charges). All future dispatches will be based on payment if the cheque bounce was due to insufficient funds

  • The kits will be sent as per the kit list given in the pocket diary, If you prefer the complete kit for the level(all the three books) to be sent upfront, we request for upfront fees payment for the level kit

  • You will receive the indented material along with delivery conformation note. Kindly conform the delivery checking the goods, to reach our office before 7 days after receipt of goods. No request for damages or loss will be entertained if the delivery conformations are not given

  • Indent of application forms, and receipt books is free of cost, however the indent is limited as mentioned in the price list

  • All promo materials have to be paid for before the same is dispatched

  • Highlights of our indenting process

  • Indenting becomes transparent, and system dependent

  • Rules are the same across the system

  • Physical record for every indent is available for both sides

  • Payments made are clear and do not require future recon time

  • Improves financial planning with penalty on cheque bounces

  • Delivery conformations improves feedback and reduce loss kits scenario

  • Payment control improves, ensuring better health for all stakeholders of GELS, and future support for network

  • Books are paid for, there are no royalty payments, the partners in the business will immediately see the tangible benefits of being part of GELS

  • Transparency in price lists and replacement policy for future transactions.