Training Information

  • School teachers are selected for offering the GELS choice classes

  • The teachers are the point of delivery

  • Students experience GELS programs only from their teachers

  • Teachers are trained in activities for seeking information, student psychology, and in teaching methodology

  • Information is sought on I, the world of work, the world of education

  • Possibility of working within several parts of India and abroad are available since every area has benefited from GELS programs

  • Part time employment and sustained development are possible

  • All students all over the world are interested in pursuing careers

  • First innovative program for school students and first exposure to all academicians for entering the world of work


  • 1 school teacher without much load of general academic work is identified for every 100- 150 students

  • All teachers are trained using Management consultants who have a better feel for the world of work

  • STraining duration 3 days

Master Trainer

  • Management consultants with extensive experience

  • Awareness of child psychology, quality in language use, social etiquette, decorum, formats

  • Clarity of concepts,Discipline,Capability for teaching adults,

  • Management consultants interested in becoming master trainers should be fluent in English, and willing to travel

  • Interested course instructors are invited to contact us

  • GELS will create a base of competent master trainers and standardize quality

  • Competent master trainers are developed in each area, to facilitate resources available at low cost and short notice

  • Standard remuneration across the system for all master trainers
    Dates finalized
    Training conducted
    Report submitted

  • Request for master trainer in the local area submitted by the coordinator

  • Payment collected remitted to corporate office for approval

  • Report submitted Coordinator and master trainers are requested to check with corporate office for budgetary allocations and payment structures


  • Schools are given information on GELS Choice

  • Schools coordinators, schools and GELS coordinator make presentations

  • Initial payment collected from the school and indent placed for supply of books

  • Training dates finalized

  • Training conducted for school teachers

  • Books & posters supplied against balance payment

  • Career fair conducted at the end of the year using projects submitted by the students

Kit costs

  • There is no training fee payable for the kit or training
  • One set of books will be supplied for use by the teachers
  • Each teacher will be given a comprehensive training manual inclusive of one lesson for each class
  • All additional books will have to be purchased at cost


  • Opportunity to be with a very innovative world class career program
  • Creates an awareness for the latest in education and in the field of work
  • Highly activity based, demanding a lot of interaction from the students
  • Involves parents in decision making for the future
  • Develops self-esteem in the child
  • All students of GELS Choice can plan for a better future from earlier for expansion
  • Reduces the stress in a big way.