Training Information

  • The course instructor is the point of delivery.

  • Students experience GELS programs only from their course instructors.

  • Course instructor is trained in abacus methodology, student psychology, and in teaching methodology.

  • Possibility of working with in several parts of India and abroad are available since every area has benefited from GELS programs.

  • Part time employment and sustained development are possible GAP.

  • Three slab training methodology is practiced. However, level by level training is also conducted
    First slab - Levels 1 3 (4 + 2 + 2 days)
    Second slab Levels 4 5 (2 + 2 + 2 days)
    Third slab Levels 6 8 (2 + 2 + 2 days)

  • Local master trainers are used and for second and third slabs more experienced trainers are drawn from our regional offices


  • Two days training once in 3 months

  • Three levels spread over 3 years


  • Half a day once in 3 months

  • Six levels spread over 3 years


  • First Level 4 days

  • Second Level 3 days

  • Third Level 3 days


  • No course instructor

  • Self learning program

Master Trainer

  • Course instructors with extensive experience

  • Awareness of quality in fingering

  • Clarity of concepts, Discipline, Capability for teaching adults,

  • All course instructors interested in becoming master trainers need not have completed level 8.

  • Interested course instructors are invited to contact us

  • GELS will create a base of competent master trainers and standardize quality

  • Competent master trainers are developed in each area, to facilitate resources available at low cost and short notice

  • Standard remuneration across the system for all master trainers
    Dates finalized
    Training conducted
    Report submitted

  • Request for master trainer in the local area submitted by the coordinator

  • Payment collected remitted to corporate office for approval

  • Certificate distributed and payment realize to master trainer Coordinator and master trainers are requested to check with corporate office for budgetary allocations and payment structures.

Chief trainers

  • They are a new category of trainers who are authorized to teach more than 5th level of GAP, or train for KEP programs. Most of them are based in Chennai at present, and soon few will be from Bangalore as well. For them, the costs will be higher than our local master trainers

  • Kit costs:

  • One time CI registration fees - Rs. 750.00 (Initial kit and inclusion as GELS CI, contains but has additional items for better teacher inputs).

  • Each level kit following (2 8) - Rs.200.

  • All kits are paid for and indented before the training program.


  • CI sends a profile and letter of interest
  • CI sends payment
  • A base information of all CIs is maintained
  • Only those who are successfully completed the previous level GELS


  • Scheme reduces costs in big way
  • The process can be streamlined better
  • The partners can plan better for expansion
  • Whole brain activation for better academic performance.