GELS Kids English Program

  • English program teaching language and communication skills based on international standards enabling students to take Young Learners Exam (YLE) testing administered by University of Cambridge, UK.

  • Unique English program aiming to develop English language skills rather than English knowledge as practiced in various school syllabi.

  • Course instructors are English graduates, who qualify after rigorous pre-test, training, and final assessment. They are trained to make language-learning fun.

  • The program targets three group of children,
    For age 6 8 years (class 1 3)
    -Course Name Launch Pad
    -Cambridge Equivalent Starters
    For age 9 10 years (class 3 5)
    -Course Name Fire Cylinders
    -Cambridge Equivalent Movers
    For age 11 12 (class 5 7)
    -Course Name Orbit Zone
    -Cambridge Equivalent Flyers

  • The program is offered in 15 classes for a period of 3 months or 2 weeks during holidays using training time of 30 hours.

KEP develops

  • Speaking Skills (Extempore, poetry reading drama enacting, etc)
  • Reading Skills (Reading and understanding, Speed reading techniques)
  • Writing Skills (Sequence, Structure, Format, Speed writing techniques, cursive writing techniques, etc)
  • Listening Skills (Listening comprehension, Understanding content and context, note taking, summarizing, etc)

KEP has activities on

  • Basic grammar knowledge
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Story telling
  • Poetry reading and writing
  • Journalism
  • Creativity in language