GELS Senior Abacus Program

  • The first and probably the only Abacus program developed exclusively for adults.

  • The program is based on famous Chinese techniques and teaches the complete range of arithmetic functions.

  • The entire program is divided as 4 levels. Training is only 9 days but spread over 10 months.

  • It develops speed and accuracy for any adult from 15 year old to 100 year old.

  • It enriches learning skills such as concentration, listening, visualization, memory, imagination, and whole brain activation.

  • Pricing varies from market to market as many colleges, universities, and high schools engage this program for more than 100 students at a time.

GELS Senior Abacus Program (GSAP) develops

  • Mental arithmetic skills
  • Listening and concentration skills
  • Visualisation and memory skills
  • Whole brain activation for better academic performance
  • GSAP helps parents teach abacus to their children