About us

To help an individual to dream and equip to achieve the same.

To impart world class training programs to aspiring individuals, an education that enhances their life skills to bring out their hidden potential, that in stills right attitudes and values to help reach their goals.



About Abacus program

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About Cambridge Exams

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About Career Education

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What we do

Numerical Programs

ELMAS is a Delhi based firm offering Abacus education, and is a subsidiary of a popular event management firm Sai Expovision. GELS has offered technical support for this company by providing the Abacus program content and materials required for training children in abacus.

Communication Programs

Cambridge University, London, UK conducts various exams across 140 countries to certify children and adults on proficiency of English language use and communication skills. The Abacus-Learning-center British Council centers conduct these examinations. GELS is certified by Chennai chapter of British Council to conduct training of English language skills for this exam.

Career Programs

All course instructors interested in becoming master trainers should be fluent in English, confident of usage and very strong grammar. Interested course instructors are invited to contact us. GELS will create a base of competent master trainers and standardize quality.

Life Skills Programs

The stories offer insights in the following areas - Self esteem- Discipline- Motivation- Career options. The program is offered through various forums, such us NGOs, Government agencies, Homes, Play schools, Super Markets, By Mail, Schools, and Libraries.

How we do it

Production & Logistics

It is a subsidiary of GELS which manages all the kit production, stocking, packing and logistics for all the programs offered by GELS. Today it holds more than 400 odd books types and more than 10000 copies in its inventory area. Apart from this it has various paraphernalia of kids items such as abacus, bags, caps, T shirts, badges, ID cards, holders, trophies, etc.

Local Learning Center

GELS will offer support in giving a established business model with inbuilt process and training in running this business, Product portfolio management, and new products innovations, training in imparting skill learning, logistics of supplies teaching, and learning aids. Performance in GELS is driven by every team player, and their common belief in child development.